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Zum Leben und zur Arbeit von Eugene T. Gendlin
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Focusing with the Whole Body (FWB)

Embodiment in life, in relationship, in work
Focusing with the Whole Body (FGK) is
a philosophically based life practice

Specific applications:

Focusing with the Whole Body in psychotherapy / counselling / coaching
Pain and health/illness "management
Meaningful life design
Resource for being with sick, dying people and animals
Community Wellness
"Ecological sensed mindfulness"
Focusing with the whole body in nature
FGK Partnership
embodied dialogue
therapeutic/counselling relationship
health care
work hygiene and organisation
"Burn Out" treatment and prevention

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UK-Summerschool -2025

Worshopnumber: FINK25/01- summerschool

Sensing the Existential Ground in Us 
Focusing with the Whole Body (FWB) in Challenging Times 

Termin: 20.-24. August 2025