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Zum Leben und zur Arbeit von Eugene T. Gendlin
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Focusing is a fine special mindfulness with the bodily felt experience. If we place the focus of our attention in the felt experience of the body and stay there benevolently, we can come into contact with a fine resonance there. This resonance is the way we physically experience a situation, a space, a work project or a crisis of meaning. Although this is actually a natural process, it sometimes takes a certain amount of time and a committed, inner attitude of staying with it to get in touch with this bodily experience and sensation under the words.

Eugene Gendlin, professor of philosophy and psychotherapy at the University of Chicago, developed Focusing as a communicable essence of successful change processes in psychotherapy. Especially the clients who turned to the physically experienced, subtle resonance felt how they began to change in a constructive way. This also happened when it was not clear, unambiguous emotions or thoughts, but rather the subtle - new, not yet clearly known - that made itself known.

In the psychological-clinical research it became clear that this quality of mindfulness with the bodily felt experience, i.e. Focusing, is to be understood as a fundamental human process of change. Our living body knows more than we consciously know in a situation - about a problem, new project or growth step.
The attitudes and steps that invite this process of change and creative development can be learned in Focusing. When we are able to apply them, they help us to live more creatively, more meaningfully and more relaxed.

Focusing is already being used in various fields in many countries around the world:

Psychotherapy, counselling, coaching and supervision
Health care - stress transformation, relaxation
Management - planning, decision making, communication
Pedagogy (school, adult education)artistic work and creative thinking
questions of finding meaning and spirituality



UK-Summerschool -2025

Worshopnumber: FINK25/01- summerschool

Sensing the Existential Ground in Us 
Focusing with the Whole Body (FWB) in Challenging Times 

Termin: 20.-24. August 2025